Business strategy is setting the direction and humans are driving the real transformation – we design frameworks for organizational change, align and facilitate core initiatives and enable key stakeholders for sustainable transformation.

If culture eats strategy for breakfast; the focus on people development becomes essential. Leadership-, talent- ,team- and employee development programs are the key to organizational change.

We help companies to identify and adjust critical behavioral patterns in their organization and design people development strategies to create a learning-, leadership- and change culture in alignment with business strategies. 

transformation >culture check >change driver identification >change design >stakeholder alignment >engagement initiatives 

leadership >development program alignment >talent management integration >change agents & train-the-trainer development

coaching >profiling >development center >individual development on critical capabilities >team workshops

The Learnpilots focus

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Founded as a professional network of HR learning and development experts; Learnpilots provides state-of-the-art trainings, programs and workshops for organizational change with focus on leadership-, team- and people development.

focus – We provide proven and aligned program designs with a high sensitivity to organizational culture.

no-frills – We work pragmatic, results-orientated and based on many years of experience in learning & development.

people first – We are strongly committed to our stakeholders and highly confident with all people we are working with.

The Learnpilots manifesto

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Gregor Mainusch “Founder & Chief Learnpilots”

Learning & Development professional with focus on leadership development, high performing teams and organizational transformation. 

Gregor works as trainer, coach and consultant in three languages: English, German and Italian. During his career he was working for many international companies like Roche Pharma / Genentech, Straumann, Boehringer Ingelheim, Citigroup, Baumgartner & Partner / Organizational Dynamics, Mazak, Sandvik und Babcock-Borsig, SICK and Vitra with challenging projects in the US, Japan and Europe.

In addition, Gregor is giving lectures in international leadership and collaboration. He is living with his family in the Black Forest near Freiburg, was born and grown up in downtown Berlin and on occasion he loves to train people development on a sailing boat in Sardinia. 

Profile | Professional Profile Gregor Mainusch 

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